three steps to change your life

So it’s been a while since my last post. The guilt of being a slacker blogger has definitely been weighing on me, but I kept telling myself nothing worth posting has happened in my life. At first thought this seemed totally and utterly depressing, then last night it occurred me it couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, I’ve taken a well-needed time out from being a gal about town to focus on myself, get healthy and recalibrate what truly makes me happy.

Step 1 – “Hibernation” Okay so I’ve been a bit of a shut in as of late. Getting my “house in order”, catching up on much needed sleep and doing things that I truly want to do – reading, errands I’ve been putting off, spending the night on the couch watching “Scandal”. It’s been nice planning to stay in and reveling in it, rather than suffering from the dreaded FOMO.

Step 2 – “Dry July” Oh yea… no alcohol or eating like a frat boy for the month of July. Don’t worry – I have 5 (well, now I’m down to 2) cheat days to tide me over. But ya know what? It’s actually been a nice break and I haven’t really noticed the impact on my social life. True, I’ve had a couple low-key weekends as of late, but when I have gone out to dinner, trivia night or a 4th of July picnic I’ve enjoyed not feeling like slug as I get ready for bed. Not drinking has also helped me better gauge when I’m just drinking to drink, and not because I’m actually enjoying myself. Overall, Dry July has help make special occasions feel that much more special and appreciate them even more!

Step 3 – “Happiness is a moment”. If I was happy 100% of the day, everyday well that would just start to feel normal. I’d probably turn to drugs, extreme sports or snorting wasabi up my nose to feel something. Reflecting every night before bed on a moment that made me happy or grateful has helped me to recognize that even though I’m not in a picture perfect spot right now, happiness and joy still exist in my day to day life.

What I’m thankful for in the month of July: I’m so grateful for my friendships old and not so old. The support and motivation I receive from these women remind me that I’m not alone in my feelings, fears or the city.

The next couple weekends bring visitors and with them, hopefully some good material for upcoming posts!IMG_3691